Caltex International Corporation reloated its headquarters from Dallas to Singapore and set out to create a media 'image bank' for every aspect of its operations. It has since been aquired by Chevron Texaco.

Ex Bateyads executive and production guru David Yong, who has worked extensively on Singapore Airlines, Singapore Tourism Board and also managed Batey's first design company, was commissioned to plan and manage the international photographic exercise in 22 cities in 13 countries across Africa, Greater China, South Asia, South East Asia and the Southern Pacific.

All images were scanned to CD and posted on the Caltex corporate intranet for global selection.

Temasek Holdings is an Asia investment house headquartered in Singapore.

With a 350-strong international staff team, we manage a portfolio with a net value of about S$185 billion or US$134 billion, weighted towards Singapore and Asia.

An initial image base that profiled investment clients in Asia, principally India & China were digitally aquired and processed into a corporate database.

United Arab Emirates Ministry of Information is a government body based in Abu Dhabii

Each year they publish a Yearbook thru London based Trident group. Images for various years contribute to the media database that highlight the booming region.

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